Sqhehqe Basketball League

Game Schedule Notice!!

Posted Sun Mar 13, 2016 - 05:01 PM

Just a reminder that there are no games for the weekend of March 19 & 26. March 19 is the Casino Anniversary Pow Wow and March 26 is the Youth Council Co-ed Blow-out Tournament. Next games will be April 2.

Sportsmanship and Behavior

Posted Wed Feb 24, 2016 - 08:33 AM

Sportsmanship is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event. When a player plays by the rules, is fair to his opponent and is gracious when he loses, this is an example of sportsmanship.

Last season was almost cut short due to inappropriate behavior and the inability to follow the rules set forth by the league. We ask that all players show respect to your opponents and for the officials. It is not easy to get officials to come down here to officiate our games because of the constant berating for 'bad calls' or 'no calls'. This behavior will not be tolerated at all this season and will possibly result in a forfeiture of the current game as well as the rest of the season. Each player will receive a verbal warning if they show any signs of unsportsmanlike conduct to any player, official, score keeper, book keeper or spectator. Any player with a second offense will automatically be asked to leave the current game and face possible dismissal from the league indefinitely.

Just to give fair warning, if we are unable to get officials to come down and officiate our games, the responsibility will then fall on the coaches. Coaches will be required to officiate games their team is not participating in for that week.

It is the goal of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe Sports Program and the Sqhehqe Basketball League to offer a program/event where all participants can be a part of a safe and non-threatening atmosphere. In order to keep our programs going, we need cooperation from all participants to make this league and every event/program we offer to be successful.

Lim Lemt.sh!

2016 Season

Posted Wed Feb 24, 2016 - 08:17 AM

Welcome to the 2016 Season of the Sqhehqe Basketball League (SBL).

Registration is $200 per team.

First games will be on Saturday, February 27. Games are scheduled to be from 1pm-4pm. Final season game will be played on Saturday, April 16 with a season ending tournament (single elimination) the following Saturday.

Game times and dates are subject to change. Coaches will be contacted in the event of a building closure, game cancellation or rescheduling. All updates will also be posted on this page.

To view the game schedule, select 'Schedule' from the navigation menu. Select 'All Games' from the first drop down menu. Select the month you wish to view. Select 'Spring 2016' for the season and click 'Show Games'. Or, you can select just your teams schedule to view only your teams' games.

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